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What blog?

Wow where did the last… Oh say 9 months go since I last made an entry. Today is nothing exciting, but to come in the future are lots of wedding inspired crafts and recipes, just to name few:
Maple candies- who knew they were so easy and delicious to make
Wallpaper envelopes- delivered soon with save the dates and wedding invites
Glass etching on mason jars
Center piece trials
And whatever recipes we cook up once the garden grows a bit more!
I’m back, and I hope some still wants to read this!


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My First Blog!

Hello Friends!

Many of you have agreed with me enthusiastically when I say “I should start a blog”…. So here it is. I won’t promise consistent entries, but I am excited to document some of my crazy recipes so that I can repeat them more than 1 time before I forget which of the 2, or 3, or maybe even 4 recipes that I combined because I am out of certain ingredients.

I hope you enjoy!